I discovered red light therapy when, at the age of 59, and clinically obese, I gave up drinking alcohol and took up cycling. I lost 50 kg in 10 months and was over the moon.

Although I was really happy with the weight loss, my wife was less happy about my turkey neck, crepe skin arms and legs, and the pot belly that I couldn’t lose no matter how many sit ups I did.

After a lot of research I discovered red Light therapy and read about how effective it can be in sculpting your body, removing fat where you don’t want it and firming and adding collagen where you do.

It did everything promised and as an added bonus it turbocharged my performance on the bike!

Having proved to myself how effective Red light Therapy could be I decided to find a way to make it convenient and affordable enough to be used by anyone.

Our devices are based on NASA developed LED light sources, a much better solution than hospital based laser lights. LEDS are safer, cheaper and the perfect solution for the home, beauty clinics, sports clubs and gyms.

We look forward to helping you discover for yourself the amazing power of red and infra red therapy. It really will change your life, as it has changed mine.

David Ellis
Founder Light Therapy Health
Marbella – 2021