MYLUX Personal & Portable Red and Infra Red Therapy Pad

Take Back Control of Your Body

Increase Atheltic Performance, Relieve Pain, Reduce the affects of ageing, loss weight and contour your body

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The Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Reduce the effects of ageing and Improve your health

Improved energy

Stronger bones and muscles

Greater skin elasticity and appearance

Improved cognitive function

Improved hair growth

Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

Improved sleep quality

Better brain health

Better circulation

Better wound healing

Lose Weight and Contour your body

Spot reduction of body fat from: belly, arms, hips, thighs and other problem areas

Increased fat burning muscle mass

Improved thyroid function

Overall loss of body fat

Improved appearance of cellulite

Relieve or eliminate all types of pain

Relief from:

Muscle spasms

Muscle and joint aches

Arthritic pain

Tendinitis pain

Osteoarthritic pain

Myofascial neck pain

Lower back pain


“Tunnel” syndromes

Improve your athletic performance and recovery time

Increased muscle power and torque

Increased muscle mass

Reduced muscle fatigue (DOMS)

Reduced muscle damage

Lower lactic acid production

Reduced oxidative stress

Higher oxygen intake

Reduced perceived fatigue

Faster Return To Play (RTP) time after injury

These Exclusive Features Make MYLUX Your Best Choice

Moulds to your body for the most accurate dose

It’s critical that the light dosage is consistent over the treated area. Only a flexible panel like ours can do this.

Totally Portable to Suit your Lifestyle

MYLUX lets you get on with life while receiving your treatment. No more visits to the clinic or standing in front of static panels.

Mobile use requires a USB 5v 2A Power Bank (Not supplied)

Pulsed mode offers even better & faster results

Pulsed Light is proven to be more effective than a static wave for some conditions. You can choose between static light, pulsed Red, pulsed Infra Red or both.

Pulsed option only available when powered by mains adaptor (supplied)
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“light therapy (PhotoBioModulation) is an effective, safe, non invasive drug free solution that has been used in hospitals and clinics for decades.”

Target the light precisely where it’s needed

Therapy where it’s needed whenever you want and wherever you are

Unlike static panels you can use MYLUX anywhere and anytime. In the office, at home, watching TV. While  cooking, walking the dog or even while exercising. The stretchy pad holds it firmly in place and the small amount of light that escapes around the edges won’t affect others. You can even lie on your bed and prop it up against a wall or a pillow to treat larger areas.

Buy MYLUX today
Buy MYLUX today

Use MYLUX wherever you go

The only totally Portable Red and Infra Red Therapy Solution

Use it with your Power Bank portable power supply (not included) or with the supplied mains/USB adapter. The pad has a handy pouch to hold the Power Bank so there are no annoying cables to get in your way.

Turbocharge your power and endurance

Enhance physical performance, build muscle, and speed up recovery

Many Pro athletes rely on Red and Infra Red light therapy to stay at the top of their game, and because it needs to be applied before and after training our personal and portable unit is the best solution for anyone involved in sport or training & fitness.

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“LED red light/IR therapy was developed by NASA to keep their astronauts fit and healthy. The same technology makes these benefits affordable and accessible to you and your family”

Personal and Portable therapy on the go

Ease your Aches and Pains when you’re travelling

Relieve your pain on the train, the plane or in your car.

If you’re traveling light just take the pad  (At just 23 x 42 cm/9 x 16 inches in size and weighing under 600 grams/22 ounces it fits in your carry on) and a PowerBank.

LED light panels are accepted by most airlines as carry on as well as in checked luggage

Note: As regulations change frequently and different airlines have different rules it’s worth double checking with your airline before you fly.
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Effective therapy for Horses, Cats, Dogs and other animals

Don’t Forget the Animals

The best solution for animals as it is totally portable and when used with a power bank there are no wires so the animal can move around freely during treatment, It’s proven to help treat and alleviate a whole range of common complaints in animals including:

  • Joint pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sore muscles
  • Wounds and cuts
  • Infections
  • Inflammation
  • Ligament and tendon injuries
  • Strains and sprains
  • Muscle regeneration
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Everything you need to get started

What’s in Your Box!

  • Flexible Visible and Infra Red Treatment Panel.
  • 91 cm/36 inch Stretchy band to hold the panel where it’s needed *.
  • Power Supply and Mains adapter to suit your region.
  • USB Cable for use with standard 5v 2A PowerBank (Not included).
  • Quick Start Guide & Instruction Manual.

Optional Extra

  • Extra Large 117 cm/46 inch Stretchy band to hold the panel where it’s needed

* The 91 cm/36 inch Band stretches to 140 cm/55 inches and the 117 cm/46 inch band stretches to 180 cm/70 inches

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